Goacher's Fruit


Our Produce


Our fruit is available ready picked and pick your own when it is in season. To find out more check out the latest information page. Fruit availability can alter depending on the weather.

  • Apples – Start in early September and we store the apples so they are available until approximately April the following year. Apples varieties include Bramley, Discovery, Katy, Laxton Fortune, Merton Worcester, Red Devil, Red Pippin, Spartan, Jonagold and Braeburn.
  • Pears – Start in September and are stored so they are available until December. The Pear varieties we grow are Conference, Comice and Concorde.
  • Strawberries – Usually start late April and finish in September. The optimum time for strawberries is normally mid-June. PYO June & July.
  • Gooseberries – A small versatile fruit which is ready from May into June.
  • Redcurrants & Blackcurrants – Both types of currants are ready late June and July.
  • Raspberries – In season from June until late September. The peak time for raspberries is July.
  • Tayberries – A Raspberry cross Blackberry, in season in July.
  • Cherries – Ready from late June until August. The best time for cherries is normally early July.
  • Worcesterberries – Gooseberry cross Blackcurrant, in season mid-July to August.
  • Plums – Plums are in season from August to late September. Varieties include Sanctus Hubertus, Excalibur, Victoria and Marjorie Seedling. We also grow Damsons and Greengages.
  • Blackberries -These are in season from August to September.
  • Pumpkins – pick your own for Halloween
Pick your Own Fruit

How it works;
There is no entry fee and no booking is required unless you are a large party. Containers are provided but you are welcome to bring your own (Please ask for these to be weighed first). Staff will direct you to the fruit you would like to pick as this alters throughout the season. Your fruit will be weighed and you will be charged for what you have picked. Please note you must pay for all the fruit you pick so don’t pick more than you require.

We recommend that you wear suitable footwear especially when it is wet. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the fruit fields or orchards.

To find out what is available and in season for you to pick take a look at our latest information page.

Other Products
  • Jams and Chutneys, homemade using our fruit where possible.
  • Honey from our orchards
  • Asparagus – in season from late April until mid-June
  • Rhubarb – in season March & April
  • Homemade fruit pies
  • Turkeys for Christmas
  • Local Free Range Eggs
  • Thaymar Ice Cream (Made with our fruit where possible)
  • Wall’s ice creams
  • Juices and Cordials
  • Hot and cold drinks

Trade and Wholesale

If you are interested in trading with us or learning more about wholesale products, please contact us at goachersfruit@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to give you the information you require.