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The Goacher's name has been and remains synonymous with fruit growing ever since about 1850 when George Goacher started the 'Wheatley Strawberry Tradition, by introducing the growing of "soft fruit Cultivars" to the village. Now Oliver Goacher runs the farm with his wife Helen and mother Judith. The firm continues to have an excellent reputation for producing some of the best tasting fruit in the country!

Farming Policies

We are as environmentally conscious in our farming as possible. Although not 100% organic, we oppose using any substances on our fruit that are not vitally necessary to eliminate disease. We are mindful of your health at all times and always apply common sense principles. Our fruit tastes much better because it is fresh from the farm; not travelling hundreds of "food miles" to distribution depot then to supermarket. The needs of our customers always come first.

Our early strawberries are grown in polytunnels, starting in early May. The majority of our strawberries are grown outside in the traditional way. Strawberries are grown in a 3-4 year cycle using land that has been rested from them for at least four years to eliminate any possible disease problems. We continue with strawberries right through until October. We grow many varieties that are unavailable in shops, but have excellent flavour.

Top fruit is sprayed with natural substances such as calcium to improve Quality and skin finish. No wax dip or other materials are used to aid storage. Fruit from Wheatley gets its special flavour from the large variety of trace elements in the soil which occurs virtually nowhere else in the country.